Best Dating Advice For Newbies

It all started with “Hey, wanna grab lunch with me?”, for others they might not consider it as a date, but her reactions tells me everything I need to know.

She reacted in a way that if I can describe it in words, it sounded like “hell yeah!” (with a victory gesture by clenching her fist like illustrated in the picture below)

I will share with you what I learned from my experiences.

Be fun, just be fun—At the first few dates girls will not want your drama, or anxiety, or anything like that. So, just be fun, make them happy, show them all the bright and wonderful things. Don’t burden her with your problems.

Casual questions or personal questions? This one is tricky. You need to gauge if she’s comfortable with you asking personal questions or not, but here are the following questions that worked well for me:

  • Ask them if they can cook (this question tells her you’re interested in being with her for a long-term relationship)
  • Ask them which countries they want to live for good (this question is only applicable when she lives in another country and looking for long-term relationship)

Don’t bring up your past—Never ever talk about other girls or your past girlfriends!, imagine the feeling if she ever tried to talk about other guy (dating or exes) when both of you are dating. I think it signals that she’s bored in the date or to test you.

Be prepared—Have a story to tell about yourself, prepare a script to memorize if you need to, but don’t stick with it too strictly just follow the structure of the script.

Prospecting—Think about what knowledge you have about the girl prior to the first meeting. Did you meet them through a blind date? Tinder? Arts and museum. Use those informations to come up with a topic to talk about.

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