Healthy Ways To Deal With Being Ghosted

Hey there,

Have you ever been ghosted? or worse, being the ghoster? if you’re the latter, please find a healthy way to end the communication with the other person.

I remember being friends with this blonde girl that loves to wear sunglasses and has a high-sense of fashion (maybe not that high, but I like it), and suddenly she stopped replying to the messages I sent her.

It was Christmas, and I normally greeted her like a normal friend does, and it was “seen” just like that, I didn’t have any idea what happened. Basically, it was a total mind fuck.

It took few months of testing unique type of messages to see which ones she would respond. Yes, you read it right I did A/B testing, and she responded to some funny messages, something related to her, and something that I think she’s interested in.

Few messages she didn’t respond to are:

  • Common questions such as “How are you?”
  • Desperate messages such as “Sup/ Busy?”
  • Things that she’s not interested in
  • Corny jokes

At the end, how did I dealt with a ghoster? By being open, telling her that whenever she needs me feel free to reach out.

I also want to add that wish them well, because it’s something that I forgot to tell her and I hope you will to your ghoster. I think it feels great for both persons; when they know you want the best for each other.

It’s a powerful thing in knowing that someone out there wishes you well.

Don’t be angry or mad, feel the pain and process it and try your best to view them as the person you met at the beginning, when it was all rainbow and sunshine.

Yes, we are friends but I think my heart wants more…

The pain might last a little longer, but as long as you didn’t become bitter towards them it won’t turn to anger.

“Don’t be bitter, be better” – Unknown, that would be my same advised to anyone who’s been hurt by someone.

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